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Papa's Freezeria

Papa's Freezeria is an active dessert business. While Papa Louie is away, management responsibilities fall to you.

Order Station, Mix Station, Build Station, and Top Station are the four distinct sections of the ice cream parlor. To operate and take orders from consumers, go around the area.

How to control

  • Simple drag, swipe, click, or tap controls are required to make the dish.
  • Use a mouse.

All-ages enjoyable and entertaining game.

How to play

Take orders from consumers and manufacture the confections precisely as requested, making no mistakes.

Other consumers wish to add toppings like syrups or egg toppings or buy ice cream.

Papa's Freezeria is a fun game where you may work well and develop time management abilities. 

Give your store's visitors what they want: to leave a generous tip.

Spend the money you have on store improvements or new employees.

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