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Cookie Crush 4

Cookie Crush 4 is back with a space filled with cookies, candies, and donuts. Your mission is to unleash the power of the rocket and fill the chest with coins. Explore over 2000 exciting levels. Awaken your dreams and conquer all your goals.
The sweet and grand welcome will begin now!

Each level will require different quantities and types of sweets. The opportunity is limited when the player only has a maximum of 15 moves to connect three or more identical objects.
Good achievement when your score increases many times and congratulations on receiving the best three stars.

Features of Cookie Crush 4:

  • Sharp graphics.
  • Interesting colors, a variety of cookies and attractive sweets.
  • After each level, players will unlock many interesting gifts.
  • Free online game for Cookie Crushers everywhere.

How to play:

  • Use a mouse.

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