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Papa's Cheeseria

Papa Louie assigns you the task of preparing grilled cheese sandwiches in the newest location of Papa's Cheeseria. You can have a lot of fun and discover new amusements by playing the fictitious online restaurant management game.

Every day that you work at the store, clients will come in and place orders for you. You must accurately make their bread, sell it, and then receive the bonus.

Go to your dependable building station and begin placing orders: Choose the bread, toppings, and quantity of cheese that best suit the tastes of your customers.

Using the frying station, you can make some French fries on the side.

To ensure your sandwich shop's greatest possible success, serve all of the VIP clients.


  • Games for all ages are available.
  • Discover creative ways to use stations.
  • Earn money, complete goals, and advance the shop.

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