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Papa’s Sushiria

Prepare to don your aprons and roll up your sleeves to join Papa’s Sushiria management. You will prepare delectable sushi rolls, cut fish, and flip rice while working in a sushi restaurant.

Additionally, soups and sweets are offered.

Tips and Tricks

Finish as soon as possible because time is running out if you want to preserve a high customer rating.

You won't have much time to look at each item on the coupon, so take orders from the customers and ask what ingredients they want in their meals.

Increase your income and use it to enhance the atmosphere in the shop and your gaming experience.

Papa's Sushiria will impress everyone with its fun gameplay, colorful characters, and the fact that it can play for free on any smart device.

How to play

  • Prepare the items for the meal for today and open the door to the first clients.
  • Because every order is unique, you should carefully read the order slip.
  • from learning how to properly roll sushi to slicing fresh veggies.
  • Deliver the sushi rolls made exactly to the customer's specifications, with the fish cut and the rice flipped.

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