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Kiwi Clicker

Kiwi Clicker is an idle business management game that relies on smart tools. The task of upgrading a business from nothing to a crowded Kiwi industry.

How to play Kiwi Clicker:

Start clicking on the large Kiwi fruit to create more seeds. Then sow seeds and grow them through all production processes.
Accelerate mouse clicks or use the Space key to speed up.
After each completed product, the player will receive a large amount of coins, thereby upgrading and unlocking levels.
Work hard to bypass the Security gate guard. The king and his soldiers will work strictly at every gate; you need to fight with them to pass easily.

The game offers a fun, entertaining time, offering the chance to dominate a thriving Kiwi empire.
For all ages who love idle games on all computer and smartphone devices.

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