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Papa's Burgeria

Papa's Burgeria is a loved sales simulation game. In Papa's Burgeria game, you will manage Papa's burger shop and grow it. You have to be in charge of everything from taking orders to frying and satisfying customers. Can you make Papa happy or not? 


You receive a surprise gift from Papa to continue maintaining his beloved burger establishment. You have to take over all the work of the establishment, make it grow, and attract more customers. 

Your regular task will be to confirm orders from customers, fry meat, and make burgers according to the right process. You have to make sure that your customers are satisfied with the quality of the bun they get and don't have to wait so long. 

Your customers, on the other hand, have high expectations for their meals. Therefore, you need to pay attention to what they want and make the burger exactly as asked. In addition, they will also have some requirements for their meat, forcing you to flip it so that it is thoroughly cooked as your customers want. Don't forget to add onions, cheese, tomatoes, or other condiments if needed. 

The better you do your job at Papa's Burgeria, the more tips you will get.

How to Play Papa's Burgeria Game

If what we described above makes you excited about this game, read on to learn how to play Papa's Burgeria and earn as many tips as possible.

Learn to flip burgers

At the beginning of the game, Papa's Burgeria will provide you with a detailed guide on how to make burgers and make money from that. You will have step-by-step instructions for completing your first order, and you can use it to apply to subsequent ones. The easiest orders will come first, followed by more complicated ones with added burgers, tomatoes, onions, sauces, or other condiments. If you don't pay attention to the requirements of the customer, they will become dissatisfied.

Manage your time well

Orders are becoming more complicated, and the number of customers is gradually increasing at higher levels, which requires you to be faster and know how to organize your time properly. You have to find a way to balance your tasks, scheduling the right time for each task so that you get the largest possible tip from your customers. Managing time well and not letting any customers get angry is quite difficult in the game.

Upgrade your business

Don't assume that the tips you get from customers are only for leisurely activities. Instead, they're what you use to upgrade your restaurant later. What to invest in is your decision, and the game will give you recommendations. After each level is completed, you will be provided with upgrade options. For example, you can spend money on burger warmers to make customers more satisfied with their food or spend money on items that enhance the customer experience, like TVs to help them pass the time while waiting. Tips are not easy to earn, so spend them on things that are well deserved.

Keep returning customers in mind

During the sale, Papa secretly saved his most generous and potential customers. He will pass on this profile to you so you can anticipate the preferences of returning people. This is a way to retain customers and create credibility for your restaurant. Don't ignore it. 

Are you a skilled burger maker, and is Papa satisfied? Will you help the restaurant grow or lose customers because of your clumsiness? Play Papa's Burgeria online game to see the results, and try to earn a lot of tips to build your burger establishment more popular. 

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