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Papa’s Scooperia

Papa's Scooperia is the ideal version for desserts was introduced in 2018. Visit the ice cream parlor Papa's Scooperia in the city of Oniontown, where it is managed by someone other than Papa Louie. After each delivery, you will accrue points and perhaps some gratuities from the clients.


  • A fun cooking approach with time management
  • Learn 40 distinct dishes that are unique.
  • By completing interesting missions, you can acquire colored stickers. Obtain new clothing.
  • Move between stations with ease to prepare delectable cakes and ice cream, serve, and please loyal customers.

How to play

Prepare yourself psychologically and physically to receive the first customers. 

Your customers' first purchase will be a cupcake, which consists of an ice cream scoop and a cookie. For some clients who want discerning, even the larger pancake will be the first choice.

When delivering the food, you should pay attention to the client's instructions, abide by them, and make them happy. 

Observe the shop develop and grow as customers purchase the massive two- and three-scoop plates with various cookies and ice cream varieties on top. 

Different flavors of ice cream, cookie dough, dough mixes, and toppings will be available as the level increases. More and more people are coming to Papa's Scooperia, so you need to make the most of your time and meet their needs.

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