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Papa’s Donuteria

Part of Papa Louie's restaurant management series, Papa's Donuteria was first unveiled in 2014.

Transports you to Powder Point, where Papa's Donuteria is in charge and offers a wide range of delectable foods and fantastic flavors. There are also more snacks and beverages offered.

Serve and please every customer.


  • Upgrade the baking machines by collecting money from sales.
  • While you're busy, hire staff.
  • Even though the doorbell is only $30, it can significantly reduce client wait times.

How to play

When Papa himself embarks on an adventure, start his adventure.

As you listen to the buzzing of the roller coaster above, get acquainted with the various stations that are available to you. The doughnuts are made, fried, shaped, and topped with cream.

Depending on what the customer wants, bake at the right temperature for the time given.

To maintain flexible control over the restaurant, use your wits and dexterity.

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