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Papa’s Cupcakeria

In the cute town of Frostfield, a new Papa's Cupcakeria just opened, and you are the qualified worker in charge of running it.

Start taking orders from clients at the ordering station, then start getting the ingredients ready.

In the bake station, prepare cupcakes to perfection. Mix lovely coatings by customer demands.

To become a cupcake master, you must perfect each of the four stations. Finish it swiftly and give the customer their cake to satisfy them as soon as possible.


  • Celebrate the 12 holidays with designer furnishings and gorgeous festive finishes.
  • Over 80 customers and a wide variety of orders
  • Take the money and improve the store.
  • Spend your tips on new attire, improvements, and furnishings for your cupcake shop.
  • You'll have fun while you relax and show your friends how to move the restaurant curtain.

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