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Papa Louie 2

A hectic day is in store for you in Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack. There were many customers, and everything was the same until a strange person entered.

The unidentified patron puts an odd object in the tip jar to draw folks into a gateway that opens to a different planet with sandwich fixings. You have to go rescue them rather than go to the kitchen to prepare dishes.

How to control

  • To move left or right, use the arrows.
  • To jump or climb the ladder, press the up arrow.
  • To slide or descend the ladder, use the down arrow.
  • The spoon assault button is "Space." How to execute high jumps


  • Keep track of the creatures' biographies and count their numbers.
  • Amplify yourself in the menu section by gathering tips.
  • Appealing free game appropriate for all ages.

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