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Merge Snake Battle

The Merge Snake Battle is a continuous battle between snake warriors. Combined with interesting IO elements, relax for hours. The goal is still to collect diamonds in the area to grow bigger.
Follow your and your opponents' achievements on the left side of the screen.

How to play Merge Snake Battle:

Use the left mouse button to accelerate and run at high speed. The longer your snake is, the more advantages you will have in surrounding small opponents.
Avoid crashing directly into other snakes; you will lose your life.
Use your finger swipe when you play on the touch screen.


  • Accumulate more coins to expand your territory.
  • Unlock new snake colors and power upgrades.
  • Beautiful graphic.
  • A challenging and adventurous fast-paced game.
  • It is free to play on PCs, iOS devices, laptops, and smart electronic devices.

It's an ideal way to enjoy free games like Cut the Rope Experiments.

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